Memories of a Lesson Horse

When you first looked at Two Eyes I think most people were like “ehh a small brown horse; slightly long backed and with a bit of sway;” what they didn’t see was the years of being a camp horse and now a lesson horse. The thing about Two Eyes was that he was the perfect lesson horse. Big or small, experienced or beginners he would pack them safely around.
He came to me as a lesson horse. The people who owned him wanted their grandkids to take lessons and he paid for those by giving lessons to everyone else. I’m not really sure that Two Eyes ever liked what he did. I think he would have rather been hanging out in a pasture than going around an arena. He often has this expression on his face:

Never the less he continued to chug along for many years. He was dressed up for multiple Halloween Parties.

He was a prop at a few summer camps.
Summer camp mane pulling dummy!

He allowed people to practice falling off and sometimes helped them in that endeavor. He participated in a few dressage shows along the way earning some lucky kids a blue ribbon here or there.

Dressage show extraordinaire.

In January of 2013 his time with me was over; so many of my students had moved on to purchasing horses of their own. With no little riders to start it was time for me to find Two Eyes his own home without the need to work on a regular basis. In this he was fortunate. He went to a family who loved and treasured him for the past 2 years.

Unfortunately Two Eyes became ill with signs of colic last week and was not able to recover. So rest in peace our dear friend and may you see Donny who I’m sure is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.


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