Dressage Nationals 2014

I recently returned home from my 2nd trip to the United States Dressage National Championships. I feel blessed to have qualified to attend for the second year in a row. I had a fabulous time and spent it with a great group of people.
The 2014 Dressage Nationals Competition pits those rider and horse combinations who were champion or reserve champion or who received a wild card score at their regional championships; to compete against each other for the national title of their respective class. Everyone who is there is the best at what they do.
Winterfair and I finished 7th in the nation for our 2nd Level Freestyle. I became very emotional as my music started and I’ve heard from many about how they enjoyed my smile down centerline. All I can say is what a magical atmosphere to ride in. Everyone at the show was just terrific. It really takes a village and a large one at that to put on such a show. Our own Sarah Jane Martin from Region 9 was there as a volunteer from Texas; many thanks to her and everyone else who helped in anyway.
On my first day at the Kentucky Horse Park I met someone who was picking up poop. I mentioned that he would stay busy. He smiled and said “I have a job”. He was smiling the next day as he directed traffic and each and every day he was there. I too am thankful to have a job and one that brings me and those around me such joy.
I would like to say thanks to my wonderful husband John who makes sure I have the shiniest boots imaginable. Thanks to my trainer Rebekah Wesatzke who came with me for the 22+ hour drive to and from Houston, Texas. She has been with Winterfair and I from the start of our journey. She is patient with me and helps Win and I to succeed. At the shows she is a calming influence that knows just what to say and when to say it. Her sidekick Sparky is along for the ride and provides comic relief.
Thanks to my great group of friends at Hearthstone Riding Stables as well as students and supporters of Right Start Dressage. All these people cheer Winterfair and me on at the shows and encourage me at home.
Last but not least I’d also like to thank Hans Biss of Germany and Richard Howard of Austin, Texas. Both of these people hold me to a high standard and let me know if I’m not meeting it.
I hope you enjoy the video I’ve posted. This was my warm-up ride at Nationals. I scored a 70.767%.

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